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Letter from my dad. After reading it I Invited him to my college graduation. 1999. He came back again in July for a SEAL reunion. That's when some STRANGE things happened pretty quickly in a period of months. Right when my dad and I had just reestablished a GREAT relationship before my older sister made unfounded accusations against him in 1985 that tore apart our beautiful family. I will reveal ONE of them in part as the details are written in my timeline here a few years back. What happened was I was out celebrating graduating Magna Cum Laude. It was night and I was alone driving, waiting at a red light. When it turned green I proceeded forward. That's when Orlando Williams, a black man, ran a red light on his way to work at the hospital and hit me. He hit me as hard as he could. He totaled my Ford Bronco, a big sturdy vehicle, and his SUV. He lied to the police and said he had the green light instead of manning up, but because he was on his way to work and deemed a special black man and I was dressed up beautifully with a LITTLE wine on my breath celebrating and being a beautiful white woman, (I was at the time, didn't think so then, but looking at pictures, I can clearly see I really was,) they believed him. I wasn't drunk. Again, I wasn't drunk. Orlando Williams was so skilled at deceit, he led others into evil and got them to lie. Then when they wanted to give me an alcohol test, I said no. I said no because a professor I had, Mark Delduca, taught a police process class I took. One of the last classes before graduation, and he told the class to NEVER SUBMIT TO ONE if you haven't done anything WRONG, that it was UNCONSTITUTIONAL and if they wanted one to tell them to go to the magistrate. So I told the cop, Officer Brewer to get an order then I'll submit. He refused. He wanted one there and then. I applied what I was taught. Then after that it went downhill from there with him and instead of treating me, they falsified my medical records, slapped more charges on me, released me and took me to jail. Right after a major car accident. AND they never tested me once I got there for any alchol. So there I was laying in a cell in pain. Orlando is laying in a hospital bed being cared for and at that point, he was so far into his lie and liking the results, all the attention, pampering the sociopath likely starting believing his own lie. Now he sees lying gives him an advantage. How many orher times has he lied since he experienced it working to his benefit. Trust me, looking back on my life, God does not let me get away with lying because He is God and God does not like liars and God wants me to do right before Him because we are OF Him. wine colored bridesmaid dresses

Look, we've SEEN it and experienced it. And while I didn't see it as a RACE issue then being so naive, I began to see that there could be one just 5 years ago. Even then, I pushed it aside thinking there's no way and went on. 2 weeks ago it hit me. I see my eldest son is having a relationship with a dark skinned black woman and has a picture of them on their FB profile all wrapped up in each other and she has this smirk. All the facts then lined up. Every major bad thing in my life was a result from a black person. It IS WHITE GENOCIDE. And it needs to STOP.