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A better scandal in the news, though the lawyers are the same as those in the Weinstein scandal, among others. For one, you have a young woman accused of preying on older men. You have a boyfriend named Chaz. The young woman is a child of privilege, an award-winning writer conspicuously lacking in talent who signed a $2 million book contract. Chaz is a failed screenwriter, thirty-three years old when he hooked up with the twenty-year-old genius. Chaz looks a little like Chuck Norris, quite obviously uses the same stylist. He's accused of choking and otherwise physically abusing Emma because he found flirty messages on her computer, while accusing her of using spyware to steal his work, to which she says she was using it to check on his sexual fidelity, which he says is bullshit because they weren't in a monogamous relationship. Quite entertaining. what wedding items to wear for mature brides over 50/60

There are a lot of great details and plenty of fodder for between-the-lines imagining, if one wants to do a little Googling. Vulture, The New Yorker, The Paris Review, The Guardian are all on it.

Sex, Plagiarism and Spyware. This Is Not Your Average Copyright Complaint. Dueling lawsuits by novelist Emma Cline and her ex-boyfriend involve high-profile lawyers in what has become a high-profile case.nytimes.com