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Fact no.1,only Kikuyu soldiers are supporting Uhuru Kenyatta almost to the last man.
Fact no.2.Kalenjin soldiers are not keen on losing their lives for the sake of an Uhuru dictatorship.
Fact no.3,all soldiers from NASA leaning zones are supporting Jakom virtually 100% and Uhuru will be in for a rude shock when military rebellion erupts after December 12th, 2017.
Fact no.4., a majority of the military are waiting,praying and hoping that Tinga takes oath so that they find a reason/excuse to start rebellion.
Fact no.5; for a revolution,military coup or rebellion to start, you only need a single soldier who will influence the rest; such as his/her friends, tribesmen,religious colleagues and former school mates.
Fact no.6, more than ten thousand Kenyan soldiers are ready to go the Zimbabwen way.
Fact no.7.,Uhuru knows so well that in the event of war, he will not command even a half of the military personnel. The reason being that, some of these KDF officers went with NASA supporters/leaders/sympathizers, to the same nursery schools,primary schools,secondary schools and even colleges. Some of the KDF soldiers are our dads,mums,grand dads, grand mums,sisters,brothers,wives,girlfriends,cousins,uncles,aunts,in-laws,village mates,tribesmen/women and members of the same religious organisations.
In fact personally, I know at least 20 security officers who were either my school mates or neighbors back at home and all of them sympathize so deeply with NASA and the innocent Kenyans who are losing their lives at the hands of Mungiki and the Kikuyu police officers.Besides, some if not most of the victims of the recent police brutality are relatives of some of the KDF officers; and even in this platform, there are a thousand plus one KDF officers, who are blogging against dictatorship using pseudo accounts.
Fact no.8,you only need a willing and cooperative section of soldiers, as few as ten to remove demagogues from power.Most interestingly, where could Agwambo be getting all those intelligence, including the military documents that was leaked to him a head of elections? I know of a given merged community based professional organization,with over two thousand military representation, and this community is neither GEMA nor Kalenjin. The said professional organization has been contributing hundreds of millions to advance NASA activities.
MORAL OF THE STORY: Do not be deceived that Uhuru controls the military; he doesn't even command 45% of them.Do not be deluded that the the military doesn't support Jakom, it does at beyond 75% in terms of the numbers.
WARNING:Do not lose focus, do not discuss the Coastal Mps' Minority issue here as propagated by NIS agents and JUBILEE sympathizers, that Minority Leader's position debate will be resolved by this weekend at a structured party's/coalition's meeting chaired by the President himself and the Coastal Mps shall be satisfied. That Minority Leader's debate is brought on this platform to divert attention from the real fire we have lit to burn Uhuru's red eyes and it is meant to divide us.When the time comes,I shall support you people with the South Sudan things. wedding dresses for mature women