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Sugama Tourists - BusNo PY01CH1026,
RouteNo G,
Dest: To Machakal via Mangalore.

I travelled from Indranagar, Bangalore to Manchakal on 26th evening. I had taken an overpriced seater, seat 4. ...
The bus was as usual dirty, sand on the seat, foul smell, leaking windows-worst thing that can happen in this rainy season!
Only when I thought things couldn't get worse, I figured my seat was broken, it wasn't retractable. Another minute into the journey, I felt a bite on my back, my worst fears just came true! BED BUGS!!! The bus was infested with bed bugs. Though I have had this experience in the past with Sugama, this was the worst of the kind!
I'm hyper allergic and in no time my back was covered in thick red painful, itching bumps. I was only praying this stops. And with that hope and determination I used my torch light from my phone and searched for the bloodsuckers. Killed three for the first time! When I thought things would get better, some of them got into mytshirt and had bit my entire arms, neck and few under my shoes and trousers. I felt like a mad dog trying to scratch itself from the misery.
While I was doing this, realized it was raining. Guess what, the floor was flooded! Maybe there was an open window, leakage, jammed windows, they would know if they had inspected right! My entire luggage had absorbed water seeping underneath it. Thankfully i had a water resistant luggage bag.

And then the bed bug nightmare started again. Now there were nasty bites on my face as well. I spoke to my fiance and he reminded me I had a sunscreen lotion in my bag. With a desperate attempt, I dabbed it generously in the affected area. It did soothe the itching, but didn't ward off the parasites.
This continued from 9:15PM till 8:30AM, almost 12 hours of torture. The bus seemed full so replacing my seat was out of question.

Few minutes from the destination, felt a bug in my T-shirt. Tried my best to trap and catch it alive to be presented to the bus conductor. Went to him and said,I haven't slept for a minute! I have bites all over my body and showed my hands. I asked his hand and placed the bug. He was least apologetic and said it's rainy season, this happens. God Damn you! When you f*ng know this happens who the hell is stopping you from disinfecting the bus! Why should passengers be the victims??? Is this business purely for money making? Don't you give a damn about the safety of the people in the bus? I'm guessing not! This is not the first time, and the last time I fought with the same driver for driving too rash which almost threw me off the upper berth while taking a turn. He just asked to 'mind my own business'!! two piece items to wear in the formal occasions

Dear people, if you're reading this, please voice out and don't let the staff take things like these for granted.

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