sleeveless wedding dress

we got a new rzr ????????
Paisley had her first surgery for tubes ????????
our diva turned 2 ✌????
we moved into a bigger house ????
Jacqueline Davis got married & I got to stand by her side as a bridesmaid ????
I had surgery for my gallbladder ????
we got our pups Daisy & Lilly ???? ????
I took P on her first beach vacation w her BFF Maddie (can’t wait for this summer!) ???? ????
I cut all my hair off for donation ✂️
we spent lots of summer days at the water park ☀️
we went to Oklahoma for Dodds reunion ????
P had another state fair trip w me & NayNay ????
P dressed up as a doctor for Halloween ????????‍⚕️
we went to aunt Whitney ’s wedding ????
P got Hazel as a surprise Christmas present from momma ????
we fed a tiger w daddy after Christmas lights ???? ????
I passed my first semester of nursing school ????
& we finished the year off with P’s first time of having the flu & on lockdown for 2 weeks! sleeveless wedding dress ????
can’t forget all our play dates w Coop & bff JJ! ????
& of course our times w Kins & Carter ????

Here’s to 2018 in hopes of no sickness, lots of love, & more adventures ????