sleeved maid of honor wears that is modest and conservative

Yep this thing again.
From the bottom up:
1. Powerlifter belt
2. Bodybuilder belt
3. Compact bodybuilder belt
4. Nylon belt
Top is a dipping belt for hanging weights from while you do double bar dips.

My understanding and experience says this.
1 is for very heavy lifts that involve a lot of movement such as squats and deadlifts. You don't want a belt that can shift onto your rib cage which 2 did to me a few weeks ago.
2 is for more fixed position movements where you do isolation exercises such as curls, tricep push downs, lat pulls and most obviously the use of machines both cables and plate but you are lifting very heavy and want the support.
3 was just cheap and did a good job until I bought number 1 because it's flared portion for the back is 4" like number 1 is was just under $8 lol. It worked better than 2 oddly
4 is for lots of movement such as the strongman training I do, people that do crossfit and relative training styles that incorporate moderate resistance so in general, endurance training.

If you were going to buy one belt then number 1 is the best option. If you were going to buy two belts 1 and 4 all the way but I would buy 4 at least 1 size larger and stitch on more velcro. They can rip loose under enough movement and pressure when this is a belt designed for mobility. I bought a speed buckle for the powerlifter belt which is really just a toggle latch rather than a pronged belt buckle which are more common. sleeved maid of honor wears that is modest and conservative

It's more or less another stupid, pointless post but I feel that I'm getting more and more seriously with the changes I'm making in workout routine, style, equipment and diet regarding strength training. The balance of weight, health and strength just isn't as demanding and challenging when it comes to figuring out what is working best for you.
If I just wanted to be fairly strong, look good and be healthy I'd probably join a gym and use machines to do isolation exercises 3-4 times a week and eat a stricter diet.