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Today was a good day. Brought the dogs to vet. Much love to all there I was happily overwhelmed. No drama today. . I don't hate anyone that has done me wrong because I'm not 100% perfect quite yet and many have forgiving me. My praying is helping a lot with my spitting pea soup and my head spinning when I'm hurt. If ur going to break u might as well be crushed completely. Easier to rebuild fresh from the ground than trying to repair here and there. And I had one person in the past wanting to embarrass the hell out of me. I wish I would of mystic tanned and spent more time at the gym but I was love on my part so I embarrass my self 100 times a day and will be the first to make fun of my self. So I got much bigger problems and people can watch much better movies. I thought I became extremely popular among the male population even after 4 years living off grid camping trying to build my aluminum castle And everything going wrong and a dirty job with no dress code I sure have seen better days. trailer whorin was slang for rescuing the vintage trailers not a different occupation. Thank God I'm not vain and have absolutely no image to withhold. I'm sitting here coming unglued thinking I'm the bridesmaid walking down the isle with toilet paper hanging off her shoe now that I would be horrible. One person would tell me daily how embarrassing I am and he and his friends would make fun of me cause I talked like the nanny. And he's my favorite person in the world. Even if he doesn't think so. sexy prom dress