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I want to share my absolutely amazing experience and am in no way trying to advise anyone on how to bring a baby into this world.

With Gio and Alessia we went to the hospital and never thought there was any other option. We watched a movie called The Business Of Being Born and really opened our eyes to the way childbirth has evolved.

I totally understand that some families have to use a hospital because they're labeled as high risk and they might actually be high risk but I'm blessed that Barbara has never has any issues I thank God for that because Birthing centers will not accept any births that they believe they can't handle.

Since we've experienced both now i'd like to share the HUGE differences with you in Hospital vs Birthing Center or even a Home Birth which is very similar.

#1 The midwifes are so caring and know exactly who you are, who your kids are, who you family is, your background, your previous births if any and so many other details that get lost in hospitals. Basically you're not treated like another patient you're treated like family.

#2 They're very knowledgeable and specialize in all the in and outs of childbirth and would never do ANYTHING to jeopardize Momma and Child.

#3 They do different forms of pain management and actually if you want any kind of pain meds like epidural or pitocin they suggest a hospital and offer their doula services. I experienced first hand with Gio and Alessia with difference with pain meds during labor. With Gio, Barbara did an epidural and everything else which numbed her to the point she still felt everything BUT she couldn't push and pushed for an extremely long time to the point blood vessels popped all in her face and cheeks. It was a grueling and long recovery and I'm also convinced whatever meds were given to her made her extremely moody until around 9 months after birth. Alessia Barbara decided to do it without meds but still had epidural lined just incase she wanted it.She was sitting down in a chair but wanted stand up but the midwife basically forced her to lay on her back which she didn't want to do. When she laid on her back the pain was so excruciating that she asked for pain suppressors, they couldn't do an epidural because it was too late so they were going to give her something else, they hooked up the line and flushed it with saline and before you know it the baby popped out (with a brachial plexus injury to Alessia's shoulder that easily could've been avoided with a midwife technique that she should of used but didn't) Barbara thought that she was injected with pain relief to find out that it was just saline and did it 100% natural. I couldn't believe after about 1/2 hour she was up and went to the bathroom and got a shot of natural adrenaline (scientifically proven) that YOU DON'T GET WITH PAIN MEDS and you only get with natural childbirth. I was shocked at the recovery compared to the birth of Gio and to see at times she had more energy than me. sequin style items to wear for the party

#4 For Alessia, Barbara was scheduled for a C section the day after she gave birth to her. Why did the doctors schedule her for a C section? Well looking back the only thing I could come up with is more $$$ to the hospitals and surgeons which to me is a downright sin and c sections should only be done on request of a mother or in a severe emergency. They schedule and advise c section way to liberally in childbirth today and they expand on this in the movie I mentioned above. In my opinion it's a racket plain and simple. I know women who claimed to took them up to 6 months to fully recover from a C section. To me it's heart wrenching to know how many women are bullied into C sections that are absolutely unnecessary.

#5 You give birth the way YOU want and feel you need to give birth. You can do it in a bathtub, standing, sitting, squatting, popping, swinging from a ceiling fan, or the way Barbara did with Valentina on all 4's. It made a mess on the bathroom floor but childbirth isn't suppose to be clean and clear but the baby came out after only a few pushes and she couldn't imagine being forced on her back again. To make it plain and simple EVERYONE and every birth is different. Anyone should be able to choose how they want to give birth and not do it in a certain way just because it's easy to clean up! WHAT A JOKE!

#6 Valentine also came out with her arm wrapped around her neck but with no injury because of an amazing midwife who is extremely experienced in all different kinds of birthing tricks and techniques.

#7 A baby delivered vaginally goes through a lot of trauma and to think about it now what they do in the hospital is quickly cut the umbilical cord and wash all the vernix caseosa (baby cheese) off the baby with God only knows what chemicals. If there is no problems the mother gets to hold the fresh life for a while before the baby is shipped off to a nursery. What a sinister thing it is to keep a healthy baby from the mother and doing skin to skin, start the nursing technique which is so important to a baby even though no milk starts until 2 days after at least the baby can get familiar and is soothed by doing it instead of sticking a pacifier in the mouth and off to the nursery you go, it's just really sad.

#8 Vernix Caseosa also known as baby cheese is so important to the baby's skin and should definitely be rubbed into the skin and not washed off with chemicals immediately after birth. Research it's benefits.

#9 In hospitals to immediately cut the Umbilical cord is standard procedure. This is so bad for the baby and is one of the many reason babies have lung problems after birth. For anywhere from 5 minute to an hour after birth the umbilical cord is still pumping oxygen and nutrients into the baby and once it stops pulsating it should be cut but not anytime before it.

#10 We were home relaxing in the comfort of our own bed and living space without being locked in a hospital without our newborn baby that's locked in a nursery with God knows who.

I'm not trying to advise anyone on what to do but I'm sharing my experience in hopes that someone becomes aware of this other amazing option out there. I couldn't be more pleased with everyone at Abundant Life Birth Center . God bless them all.