red colored items to wear that looks still sexy

Tomorrow night, at the Mississauga Seniors' Centre, I am giving a 2hr talk on a 2006 trip I took to Antarctica. Its been many months - many years, actually - in the making. But the time and effort have been worthwhile.
Its allowed me a time for some catharsis.
You see, I gave up a career as a marine biologist in my 20's. I realized that finding a partner and raising a family were more important than pursuing a life long love of the water - at least on a full time, professional basis.
So, I switched into medicine, and eventually into radiology. That's the study of the human body, and all its problems, through the use of special imaging. My medical specialty has gone through some revolutionary changes in the last century. Some of those changes revolutionized the way we diagnose and treat our fellow man. red colored items to wear that looks still sexy
In preparing this talk over the couple of years, I had an epiphany as to how 'its all connected'.

The following pictures are clues as to how my original love of the water, and the wildlife in it, is unbelievably connected to my 2nd career.
See if you can make the connections. We begin with the blue whale, then the 1st guy with the dark beard, then dynamite, then the special gold medallion, then the 2nd guy with the longer beard, then the 4 guys from Liverpool, then a single 'slice image' from a CAT scan, and finally the special gold medallion again.
To find out the answer to why 'its a small world' you will have to come out tomorrow night and listen to my talk

Keep my minds open, and your wits sharp!