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Peace to the Gods and Goddesses! Happy Holidays! Hope you havin' fun wit' fam'.

What's good wit' you?

What's good wit' fam'?

Lookin' for somethin' charitable to do wit' fam' this holiday?

Know some people strugglin'?

If so, you and fam' go out and show some love to those less fortunate than you and yo' fam'.

Take yo' lady and the babies, and show some love to those who less fortunate than you, whether, they in the hood, or, any where else around the globe.

The money I make from my sales, I'm using, to show some love, to those who are less fortunate, than me, and my fam'.

I'm donating $10K to Comitis Crisis Center which will be used to assist families and singles with their first month rent, deposit, and application fees, to assist them with Day Passes and Monthly Passes for Public Transportation, and all other necessities, depending upon need, so that familes and singles may become self-sufficient to take care of themselves and their families.

Give what you can.

You can bring certain donations to Comitis Crisis Center to help Families and Singles this holiday.

Comitis Crisis Center is a temporary emergency shelter for Families and Singles, and, they also have a program that provide Mental Health Services to those with Alcohol and Drug addictions too.

This is an excellent program for the community because it helps Families and Singles to become self-sufficient so they can take care of themselves and their families.

Put a smile on someone's face this holiday, who's separated from their families, longing for a gift or gifts this Christmas, longing for help financially so they could get an apartment or place to stay and reunite with their, longing for a hot meal, a delicious meal, a nutritious meal, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so that they and their families, parents and children, can be healthy, or, longing for some nice clothes and shoes to wear to a job interview so they could look nice, you know, first impression, should be the impression, when lookin' for work, so, whatever you can do, do it. quinceanera gowns with jacket

Happy Holidays everyone!

Have a beautiful day!

Raising Money For Comitis Crisis Center Inc Fundraiser for Comitis Crisis Center Inc by Robert L Hayes II I'm raising money for Comitis Crisis Center Inc. Every little bit helps. This cause means a lot to me, and I bel ... ieve that we can make a difference together. Thanks! Check out info about this nonprofit:

To provide a caring, seamless continuum of behavioral healthcare to those in need.
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