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Thank You Westmoreland County!! You were responsible for 8 or 9 of these dresses. I collected over the summer months and then passed your dresses on to Carla. Her team of angels did some preliminary work on them and then gathered them all up and Carla donated to Magee. Many others hospitals will receive gowns made by the team at Magee. I'll collect again when the organization is in need. As you uphold your New Year's resolution to clean your house and organize, please consider donating your wedding dress, christening gowns, or pastel colored bridesmaid or formal dresses to this cause. I can also collect thread, ribbon and embellishments. Mommas and families of these precious babies will be eternally grateful. The FB page for Littlest Angels is: petite dresses for wedding…/ and their website is: or

Carla Woodford 18 hrs

65 DRESSES DELIVERED tonight!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH to all who donated a dress/dresses or shared our post when we collected gowns this year to take to Magee NICU. Thank you also J. Jones Evening Wear who donated 26 Wedding gowns!! ❤️ ? These dresses will be made into teeny tiny and full term gowns for babies who unfortunately will not make it home. If you donated a dress you have made a difference in the lives of families going through the unthinkable. There is a list of hospitals who receive gowns from those donated (it’s free for hospitals to receive gowns). This is Rose Ann Milbert s car after we transferred dresses ? ❤️ we collect once a year, this was our 3rd year collecting, each year we deliver more gowns than the previous year, we hope to continue this tradition ? ? ❤️ Thank you Rose Ann, staff at Magee NICU, and I’m sure many others we are unaware of, that volunteer their time to make beautiful angel gowns. Thank you to my parents for allowing us to store dresses at their home during the collection Darlene DeLelles Zeakes
Kalyani Rai Dawn Thornton Chris Lenart Boyce Debra Lynn Dutko Karen Young Ewing Tanya Booth Goffoli Debbie Suggars Costantino Mary Kish Thank you Gina Falsetti Hosack for collecting in your area for me and sharing my post. We appreciate it very much! ?