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Never Return Dear Poet
See your popularity after death dear poet,be happy.
I know your body dies,soul couldn't.You could love,lament
smile,kiss,hate srceam appreciate as before only difference is none could know the reaction.
You see everyone is searching you reciting your poem ,even your dirty poems seem attractive and readers never forget to kiss it.
Perhaps you could recall from your memory that in many celebrations, poetry festivals
Your name is forgotten to be written in invitation cards
If written by chance it is forgotten to call you to stage as
You are an ordinary person.
You have no power or pelf.
Today if money or power is not
there it's difficult to be a poet.
You can't find twenty or thirty rupees to post it or send it in
If by chance your poem is selected editor must message you to send bio info and recent
beautiful photograph(should look like film hero,no one would ask whether you are hungry or
thirsty).Editor must direct you to send money for Famous Anthology and you can't understand how to arrange such leaving wife in misery
son or daughter in hunger.
You can't be a poet if you haven't spoiled your family.
So don't try to pick up wrong turn and feeling pity seeing so called crocodile's tears.

You see dear everywhere is moaning meeting for you.
People are crying screaming
beating forehead and give speech,you are a great poet and every citizen must pray God
so that you would rest in peace.
You think dear for last fifty sixty years your pen is tired but never give up its tremendous masculinity making Beautiful papers amazingly pregnant to
give birth to adorable poetry.
Pen should take rest with papers till your agonized memory would fade up in toxic tears of the betrayers

You see wonderful celebrations for you,such celebrations remind me the grandeur of celebration of God's death anniversary.Bull dogs utter vow
as if were reciting your poems.
Beautiful Poetess putting on
ultramodern hot dresses and with black lashed eyes and pink lipsticked lips ,will recite your poem in trembling voice to get the award named after you.
See the importance dear and try to understand.
When you are in life,not a single Beautiful Poetess hesitates to love you as you are not handsome.You perhaps memorise dear once you have approached a lovely lady begging love,she has answered in rude voice'behave me as a poet'.poet is an awesome animal worthy of living in zoo. pastel pink bridesmaid dresses
Poet should not eat,drink,dance
cry,love beg sex ,go to bath room request to marry demand
fashionable good dress.
Poet should write no matter he might in hunger,thirst scarcity of money or might suffering from fever
People think poet's blood should be converted to poetry and he or she should die in ecstasy.

There is possibility of giving award to your foe.
Take it easy ,think that you are a poet you have no sensibility
Poet should love all and gather
hatred He should write love poem and his friend must find valentine by this poem ignoring poor poet

Don't come dear enjoy the great death circus in which you are joker,enjoy
G. O. O. D..b..y..e
R. .I..P


My winning story from prose and picture
With January Khan
Thanks Mam Naheed Khan