olive green prom dress

Took pics at a stunning downtown Birthday celebration, last night, and it was dapper! When I really clean up to shoot pics it's either fancy or I'm planning to sneak up on animals in the woods! It was for the Chairman of a large Law Firm with some big KC names. Had a Great time, but forgot a thick, dress coat. I parked blocks away, improvised, and got the last laugh in the end. On the elevator ride down, seeing that my choice of an overcoat, didn't match anyone else.. I proudly announced that "my coat was the easiest to locate in all that fur because I wore CARHARTT! Fortunately, they did think it was funny and started laughing about the coat. I've always liked starting trends! lol

My WILD late night date: On the way home, stopped at McDonalds...not my favorite, normally wouldn't have had anything after 10pm. Sat down, most of my food gone, and she appeared! She passed by twice, looking for a seat in an empty restaurant. Claimed the windows were drafty and asked to sit at my table? I was almost done, but sure! Put my phone away and just conversed. Very nice lady, who immediately looked up and started talking about old cars and her '74 Firebird! (Can't make this stuff up)...it was at the retro Mission McDonalds, theme is drive in and pics of old cars on the walls.

Soon, I recalculated and decided her meal wasn't going away fast and we'd be there quite a while. We covered cars, millennials, photography, employment, the Boulevard Drive In, and other local venues. When she introduced Politics, I shut that down immediately! After all, It became a Wild date night and who needs that discussion anyway. As the already late evening wore on she entertained conspiracy theory! About that time, McDonalds Staff conspired and told us it was time to leave! It was after 11:30pm and the dining room had closed at 11:00. Jenny had finished most of her food, but still nibbling on apple pie more than 25 minutes! It was clear she would leave when she was ready. I mentioned that McDonalds had closed and I really needed to get those photos finished at home. I politely said good night and was out of there like a rocket! Would have helped her to her car, but she kept asking questions about where I lived. It was obvious she wasn't quite ready to leave yet equally obvious she had safety ...as about 5 McDonalds employees had gathered to make sure she made it to her car! olive green prom dress

Jenny was somewhere in her mid 70's...just like her Firebird. She was a very funny, intelligent, petite, sparkly lady who simply didn't want to have to eat dinner alone. My pics weren't done till after 2:00 AM. No future plans to try to connect with women at McDonalds. I don't go there too much anyway. It is good to sometimes just put down the phone and speak directly with people of all generations. That was my main takeaway from my wild dinner date with Jenny. Thinking back, I really don't spend time on my phone, when really out on a date, except to show pics I've taken when requested. We'd all get along better, as a society, if we were better at putting down phones and interacting with people. I'm working on this one too...