off the shoulder wedding dress

Okay this is my report for the week I'm still cute I'm getting a little bigger and my right ear is really starting to come up. I went to see the vet on Monday and of course the vet loved me said how cute I was and even the vet tech gave us a lot of adulation.

The report from the vet was really good and I'm going to be over 80 lb when I'm full grown in a year. The vet really liked my makeup on he called it a mask. He also told my mommy and daddy that I don't need to have meat in my food and I didn't like hearing that he said I just needed kibble.

I'm giving Mommy and Daddy arrest because I'm staying quiet all night long in my little kennel and I don't do anything in it either. But if Daddy doesn't get me out of that channel and outside first thing in the morning there's a problem. I still am not sure where the bathroom is seems like it's wherever I happen to be at the time and I get yelled at if I'm in the house. off the shoulder wedding dress

And I forgot I weighed 10 lb and 13 Oz on Monday but the vet said I would add almost 10 pounds a month so by Christmas I might be up to 18 lb. All my shots are in order and I'm going on try flexes which is a wormer and flea killing pill much easier than topical and separate heartworm pills.

I'm also learning to stay home in my big cage my mommy and daddy go shopping or to church or whatever and sometimes Kathy and her two children take care of me.

Daddy knows this is really silly but he likes doing it anyway.