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I have to rant for a minute, so excuse me but . . . What do you do when your 4th grade son comes home and tells you, " I hate school and mean kids that call me fat and stupid."? It took all I had to not break down and cry . My son is very smart and not fat. I feel terrible for him and my heart is broken. Baylan has had issues before this because he stutters and has a hard time pronouncing his words. See when he was about 3 months old he he got pneumonia, then it was ear infection and sinus infection after another till he was almost 3 years old when they put tubes in his ears and took his EXTREMELY SWOLLEN tonsils out and had his adenoids redone, when he finally could hear. Before this it was like he was Charlie Brown hearing " womp womp womp". He never heard crickets before he had this surgery. So for anyone to call him names makes the grizzly momma come out in me so to say. All I can ask is please teach your children not to bully. They are only this little once and should be nice to one another. I know the names of these kids and 2 of them played ball with him and another lives really close to us, I'd rather you speak to you child about bullying then maybe the school. Rant over. Sorry I was a little upset! not expensive wedding selections in short mini length