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New Updates, Angels are helping by PROVIDING GOOD PEOPLE with GOOD ANSWERS, for the documentation work. (I am getting helpful emails, even in the evenings.) We are going thru the USPTO manuals, MPEP, and the other parts of this system, and indeed are trying to "WORK THE SYSTEM". Please pray- We still have time, and fees are reasonable, since I have one other committed partner. But we are concerned about how to present good evidence, with reports, videos, etc. to get them accepted in "THIS SYSTEM". We have a 3rd party Professional Engineer lined up also, who agrees with this well established principle. Please keep praying for a good open minded USA Patent Examiner to be assigned to my case, or that the one assigned will be more open minded. Please donate on the web site. I will be on lock down for the model building, and preparing the appeal from the hard rejection. We are now going back to the continued examination, RCE, for the USA Patent, in order to get lots of evidence presented. If rejected again, we are seeking an appeal to a Patent Judge after the new re-worked arguments, etc. No further updates or posting. Please pray for our forbearance for the November 2 deadline or 1 month extension for $50 and for the filing fee's to come in. We need $425 in November for a Pro-Se RCE filing, being done by ourselves with the USA Patent office-USPTO. We need $ for the 3rd party Engineer fees. Please pray for us to get PERMISSION TO PRESENT our evidence AND GET IT submitted and RCE papers done and approved. Both are needed. One major part of this principle goes back to the late 1800's, or even earlier, yet is so misunderstood - rotational dynamics. Our FINAL rejection is not final in the HIGHER SYSTEM in the 2nd Heaven, above. Please believe with us and pray. We also need God's peace and more energy. You have seen our video's proving the principle. But we need better ones also. This video evidence were not presented previously for some reason. Nor was the PE certification as evidence. We now have 6 stronger motors in hand, and will construct stronger models, to run continuously, with more power. Our toy model weight will exceed 60 lbs soon. The last model weight was 54 lbs. We are continuing with new discoveries as well. We will soon need a lift system to put the unit on the bench table. We may need to replace one converter - $70, which may have a piece rolling around inside it. Please pray and believe with us, for all these provisions. Our God is well able, amen and amen. Please remember this is real gyroscopic power, not fake or other misnomer things, and well worth perfecting. But we need the patent with the claims benefit and incentive to continue. IF REJECTED again, need all the STRONG EVIDENCE INCLUDING VIDEO to carry over to the appeal JUDGE. Pray for complete Patent Approval - due to EVIDENCE BEING PRESENTED and PERMISSION to do so. Pray for the FUNDING and for GOD'S FAVOR mother of the groom dresses for beach wedding

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