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I forget there are still people out there intolerant of anyone who isn’t 100% cisgender. There are people, both outside and inside of the LGBT community who are uncomfortable, judgmental, and intolerant of anyone who doesn’t fit strict gender norms assigned to them from the second their genitalia is seen (which is weird and creepy all on its own).

They say we are freaks, mentally unstable, ruining the birth rate, child molesters, and forcing our beliefs on the “normal” people by simply requesting to not be killed. They think that our acceptance means their child will be forced to dress as the opposite sex (or so it seems by how upset they are at the idea of tolerance). They think we were all abused as children and we are confused at what bathroom we should use. They say mature things like “HE can’t be a WOMAN if he was born with a WEINER.” They cite the Bible and their rights as Americans to openly discriminate against citizens they don’t agree with who have an extremely high rates of being murdered. They ignorantly think that you have to be either a woman or a man, spewing antique facts about DNA and ignoring the cultural and scientific evidence that gender and even sex, has never and will never be a black/white thing. They go out of their way to comment and discriminate on anything that challenges their set view, while often in the same breath calling us weak liberal snowflakes.

But, what they forget is that we live in their hell every day. Every single one of us grew up in a society that forced their warped view of strict gender rolls since our first breath. We had to grow up in heteronormative society against our will. We had to grow a thick skin because the people around us are so delicate that the simple act of a boy wearing lip gloss or a girl playing football sends them into an uncontrollable tailspin of confusion and anger. They conveniently forget that a couple generations ago, people like us were regularly arrested and shamed in public, yet we continued to be true to who we are. They call us mentally unstable and weak, yet our very existence is proof that we are exactly the opposite.

I forget that their are transphobic people in the world, because I forget that people aren’t as strong as a trans person living through the day. Not one of these transphobes could last a single day in the shoes of a trans person. They’d find out how strong you have to be just to exist in the world created by their kind. They’d find out how scary it is not knowing what bathroom to use because people can’t just let you pee in peace. And most importantly, they’d find out that this isn’t a choice, because no one would ever chose this for themselves. That isn’t to say we don’t love our non-cis lives. Any hate we have for ourselves is pushed on us by other people. They’d find that out very quickly. Anyone who has to live in a culture that constantly tells them they are wrong, a freak, a child molester, mentally ill, etc, is going to feel badly about themselves. And it’s inescapable. Trust us, if we could get rid of all the ignorant people who want us to die, we’d be a lot happier. But, we can’t. We have to accept everyone, because that’s how life is. Unfortunately, the scale of “I want you dead” and “I want to pee” is not an even one. Not even close. mermaid bridesmaid dresses

It’s disheartening to read comments on posts. So many ignorant assumptions. So very few people willing to open their ears and minds. If these people actually sat down with a trans person and listened, they’d understand. But, they don’t, and they won’t, because somehow, it feels better to hate someone different then to love them. Somehow it’s easier to push your beliefs on someone than it is to let them live their own lives. It’s easier to discriminate than it is to challenge your views and expand your horizon. Change is scary, and ignorance is cowardice. Being transphobic is a weakness, and it’s a shame that people hate themselves so much that they can’t let even the tiniest splinter of love into their lives to understand that.