lace coverd with long sleeve wear for the wedding

Happy Birthday Kathy !!!

Birthdays are so special -
I think what I will do.
Is grab my pen and make a list -
Of hopes and wishes for you.

I wish I was there to watch -
As events evolve today.
No doubt good friends are dropping by -
And some will get to stay.

I hope they all give big ole hugs -
And whisper kind words in your ear.
Expressing how much they love you -
Being a friend they hold so dear.

I wish I knew what your family has planned -
To make this Birthday your best.
I'm sure they're hoping for quality time -
As they celebrate your Birthday fest.

Godly joy is my next wish -
With hope's heavenly riches becoming greater.
May your life always align with the Father's plan - lace coverd with long sleeve wear for the wedding
Through His Son; both now and later.

When your Birthday excitement winds down -
And you've eaten your most favorite dishes.
Thank the Father for the love of His precious Son -
He's the Crown-Jewel, in all hopes and wishes.