junior suitable items of the party to wear

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The baby is here. You've done an awesome job growing, nurturing and birthing your sweet little addition(s) to your family. But what now...what next....how do you support your self and improve your health whilst looking after a baby and possibly a toddler...and maybe even 2 or 3 other junior suitable items of the party to wear ...
children....dogs and cats....and a partner / spouse too ??? No-one tells us how to navigate that journey.


- Optimal Recovery during 4th trimester
- Tips for Wound Healing from Delivery
- Tips for Boosting Milk Supply
- Pelvic Floor Strengthening Workouts
- Overcoming Sleep Deprivation
- Micro-nutrition Balancing
- Macro-nutrition Balancing
- Nutritional support for Post Natal Depression
- Breastfeeding friendly & Family friendly Clean Eating Recipes
- Meal planning
- Healthy Weight Loss Program
- Lactation Cookies Recipes and Clean Treats
- Foods to Avoid
- Specific Omega 3 and Post Natal Supplementation
- Home Based Postural Exercises
- Home Based Core Exercises
- Full support and mentoring in our private client support group

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