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While the mainstream media has focused on the strain of this type of raid places on companies like Aryzta, the more significant issue is that the blatantly ignored employment laws by hiring a tremendous staff of illegal workers. The plant lost 35% of its entire team due to their practice of employing undocumented workers. This single raid ended in 800 workers being caught.

The hiring of that many undocumented workers signals that the use of lower paid workers in the plant was more of a policy and less of error. This was not a few workers that somehow slipped throw the cracks but instead a calculated hiring practice. The bakery being raided by ICE agents is a direct result of the crackdown on illegals all over America. It was the biggest single raid to date and according to a report: items to wear of the party online

McDonalds Bun-Supplier In Hot Water As Immigration Officials Make Sweep, 35% Lost CLICK