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Automatic story time-
Moon battle part 3

Twice I saw a wave of black force roll across the moon in a pixelated pattern, and twice I and everyone else below on Earth heard a high pitched ringing or whining, like in-between the sound of a super shrill bell, and some gas in the atmosphere sizzling away. Fortunately it was neither of those descriptors, but it was worrisome until Santuriel clarified other wise. items of the wedding to wear for arab women can use

The third wave and final wave of the battle for the moon was the only one I was asked to participate. I was tasked with evoking 11 of the star born and bestowing them with tasks fit for the siege.

At the helm was the great red feathered old serpent Alormotiel ( warrior if scales, barer if scales, appointed guardian of the moons Darksiders and great devourer of all things from inside the qlippoth).

Zomor the plumed angel.
The sounds of directed intent and Lord of mantras who used sound wrapins heard even in the atmosphere-less moon surface.

Nargoriel- the heavy heart hardened hand and barer of a thousand quills. A being who wove text so tightly, so fast, vast and unprecedented, she made fiction. The deadliest of weapons.

Lamatron- the solid state of a desired fate; queen in purple and radient in her wings glowing of fire. She bore the only context this battle could manifest and midwifed our freedom.

Kylomursata- the whole of the planet breaking our hologram construct. All that can be said of this being either is or caused the black pixel wave.

Sumaziel- the trumpeter that baked the bloodied. A being if many sounds but most noted for the microwave hymnal blast that burned reptilians alive but also accidentally caused the Sonoma county CA fires

Narmik- the dual star serpent and 50 winged Lord if prayer. His sermons and nudra gesticulations focused so much fire and force to either birth or crush galaxies.

Shalardrix- the yellow hued daylight nebula. An odd being who's very presence made space/time go haywire and who proved vital when send behind enemy lines to disrupt reptilian forces.

Hamial the barren lady of tears and patroness of lonely night places.
She knew all the locations band spots a lizard could take and helped to route them all.

Calligon the wolf beast.
An 8 headed wolf with bright blood red feathered wings who speaks backwards in time and devoured many a reptilian Lord.

The beings came and by their subsequent birth and arrival, here and now the final blow was struck to the reptilian control of the moon and it's use as a projector of a negative matrix grid over the minds of men.

Those last days of November and first few if December 2017 mankind was one-third closer to absolute freedom and by midnight of December second the veil of the negative matrix was lifted for good. All of mankind could abruptly see, feel, and understand exponentially greater then before and doing so for the first time in millennia.

Many lost the veal sign. Millions of those with deep rooted trauma found those legacies of abuse abruptly purged from muscle memory. A million addictions we're lifted and ever one got along well for 6 months. 9 months later a lot of children were born, perhaps star born...