high-low prom party garments

For my brithday this month, I'd like your financial help in supporting Couture Cares.

The organization;
Couture Cares, is a Non-profit program that focuses on the empowerment of young girls and youth, as well as their development into womanhood. Couture Cares is based in Memphis, TN . The program was created to help transition young girls into the best women they can be. The program caters to high school girls, aged 16-18 that come from low to middle economic backgrounds. Regardless of their age and life situation, the lessons learned in the program will carry them into adulthood. high-low prom party garments

Also an annual Dress Drive "Her Prom Closet" is held to give away a Prom Dress to a selected number of girls. Your donation is greatly appreciated, thanks so much for your support.

Kim has raised $50 for Couture Cares .