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This is the 2nd child I've heard about in the last week that has committed suicide by hanging because of bullying. The other child was 10. We have 2 separate problems that I can see right off the bat. 1) Parents and schools and authority figures have got to get a handle of their children and charges in regards to the bullying. There is no way my child could be a labeled bully and I do nothing. 2) What happened to resiliency? Have we stopped teaching our kids to have a tough skin? And not allow themselves to be victimized? Why are our kids so overly invested in outside influences? What happened to the family? There is nobody more important to my kids than our family. There was nobody more important to me when I was growing up than my family. I had lots of friends very close like family but they didn't supersede my family. garments to wear that looks sexy in the evening
(((Sigh))) And how do these little, tiny kids KNOW how to actually hang themselves? This is beyond sad. We are failing our kids.

Parents tormented on social media after daughter kills herself