formal wears dressed in graduation occasion

Do I call myself a Keto expert? NO!!! However, in the last 6 weeks, I've learned so much about my body.

Sorry for the TMI but here it goes....Did you know that I typically had a bowel movement every 7-10 days. Yes you read that right. Since first grade I've had countless tests done and nothing has worked. Some days you could find me in the fetal position on the floor. Some days I looked 6 months pregnant with a rock solid stomach. The only solution was a double dose of laxat formal wears dressed in graduation occasion ... ives and the cycle would start again.


I am regular. I have NO bloating or cramping. While, I originally started this to lose a few pounds before my best friend's wedding, what I've actually found is a lifestyle that I've fallen in love with!! The additional perk is I did hit my goal weight in just one month!

Makenzie Schultz taught me everything I know. She held my hand and answered countless questions in the beginning. There has to be Keto Doritos right, Kenz?! While I added myself to some group pages, I was super overwhelmed by it all. I didn't feel in a comfort zone.

We decided to create a group focused on learning how ketogenic diets work, we will talk about ItWorks products but its not a requirement to use them, and we will share in our successes and also our challenges. If you want to join the group to start this way of eating the link is in the comments!

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