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So I am the type of person that can be friends with my exs as long as they are nice to me and I'm friends with all my exs except 4 one of them so well hanging out with Anthony I asked him if I was was scary to talk to cause guys always seem scared of me and he said no I wasn't scary to talk to but that might be cause we've known each other for 9 years and went out 4 one of those years and I was like what about when you first met me and he was like when I first met you I wasn't scared to talk to you but I was very intimidated by you you were the most beautiful girl I had ever met and i stop walking and and I was like what and he was like yeah I had hang out with a lot of girls but you were by far the hottest haha but me being me I seriously did not believe that complement what kinda relationship do me and Anthony have I told him I wanted a blow torch and bought me one lmao flowy ethereal wedding outfits of chiffon