custom made wedding dresses

Ordered a size 4 in my dress... was really looking forward to being able to wear it again AFTER the wedding. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN! This dress was a MESS when it came to me. The skirt was literally about 7-sizes too big. I HAD 10.5" INCHES OF EXTRA FABRIC REMOVED!!!! 10.5"!!! My alterations lady said that the dress was a joke, and was extremely poorly made. After removing about 7 sizes from the skirt, we had to fix the fact that the skirt had symmetry issues. The front was muc ... h shorter than the back. They had to cut off about 3 inches from the skirt just to make it APPEAR even in the front and back.

There were 7 of us total that ordered this dress.... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US HAD TO HAVE IT ALTERED! I officially spent more altering the dress than I did on the initial purchase of it ($150 for alterations and only $120 for the dress!) DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!! YOU WILL BE SEVERELY DISAPPOINTED. Not that I don't believe the previous 'positive' reviews already submitted about my specifc dress, but from my groups experience here in the US, I think we might bereading some made-up reviews!!! custom made wedding dresses

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