custom made selections for formal party

This man is an ATTORNEY?!?! I thought you had to be intelligent to make it thru law school, and damn mear an intellectual GOD to pass the bar exam..... Shoot, must be pretty darn easy these days a SLUG could pass. Listen to the racist commemts this clown has to say about BLM saying to boycott white businesses, only frequent black businesses...... was there not a time in this country where the black man was only allowed into businesses and other places that were owned or operated by blacks? Wasn't there already a time in this country when white people would not frequent any area or any establishment that's so much as a one colored person was in? Was there not already at I'm in this country where black people were not permitted in the same stores are in the same areas of places as white people? I believe there was. I believe there was this HUGE Civil Rights Movement......I believe black Americans fought for the ability to attend white schools, shop at the same stores as whites, and eat at the same restaurants. This joker actually says BLACK PEOPLE SHOULD ONLY FREQUENT BLACK ESTABLISHMENTS. If a WHITE MAN said this?!?!?! Oh hell, you already know the outcry we would hear. This is moronic at best. custom made selections for formal party