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Texas Department of Public Safety This is I: I am a nationally known comic book writer, now famous for my stories alleging my family's unwilling involvement in the Kennedy assassination. I've just had to unfriend and block two Texas Rangers, just after the murder of one officer, and just prior to the murder of another. If Texas police want to take up JFK as a hobby, they should study one of the real JFK researchers, not me. My family has been murdered over this, and, while I am allowed to present stories and interviews with my allegations, I have been threatened and warned not to make reference to an armed attack on my home December 3, 1975. I DON'T put the attack in the stories because of that. We don't want Texas cops imagining these stories are entertainment, and walking into something like this. My late parents were school board officials in Michigan. They took numerous children, including me, to an Osteopath named J.H. Earnshaw in Port Hope, Michigan, where they were drugged and abused and sent on assignments with men like David Ferrie. My late father, who organized the trips, was a member of the St. Clair County Board of Education. His arch enemy in this regard, Ruth Ann Bacon, the school Superintendent hired by the board, died in an automobile accident similar to the one sustained recently by one of your officers. While I am aware of the CV problem, I am concerned enough about the similarities of those two deaths - and the one that followed - that I would like to ask that your department take control of the situation and direct them to a legitimate JFK researcher if they intend to pursue that hobby. Comic book fans and JFK "truthers" can't find the body trail on this. Police can -- and they shouldn't. Here's what happened - and keep in mind that I was threatened repeatedly by social workers in Washtenaw County after I returned there after the attack, most recently when I asked for help getting a free government phone. If all this wasn't bad enough, one of the people questioned after the attack was connected to Dr. Earnshaw. Comic book fans and JFK "truthers" can't find the body trail on this. Police can and then they die. Find them a new hobby or THIS can happen: " Dec. 4, 1975 Port Huron (Michigan) Times Herald: Father, son tortured, robbed code for items to wear in the cocktail occasion

From the Times Herald, 12/4/75

By John F. Brown

An Avoca man and his son, who were beaten and robbed
of more that $1,400 then bound and gagged and set on
fire, were left to die in a flame-filled bathroom of
their old farmhouse about midnight Wednesday.

William J. Brennan, 72, of 4238 Bricker Road, and his
son, Terrance Casey Brennan, 27, bound together with
a pair of police handcuffs, electrical cord and tape,
managed to free themselves to telephone a Michigan
Bell operator for help.

Sheriff Norman D. Meharg said Brennan and his son were
admitted to Yale Hospital for treatment of second- and
third-degree burns of their hands and arms and head
and facial injuries.
Young Brennan had been stabbed in the head several
times by his attackers.

Both men were reported in fair condition today at the
Meharg said there have been no arrests made and so far
there are no suspects. He has assigned Detectives
Robert V. Quain and Donald E. Tuthill to the case.

Meharg said the torture bandit were both white, armed
with hand guns and had dark ski masks over their faces
when they forced their way into the Brennan home
about 9 p.m.

"One of the thieves knocked on the door and when Mr.
Brennan answered he told Brennan he had ran out of
gasoline, then pulled the ski hat over his face,
pointed a gun at Brennan and pushed his way into
the house," Meharg said.

"The Bandits used a pair of handcuffs to lock the
men together. They set paper on fire and held it
under the hands of the two men. Their hands were
baked," Meharg said.

Deputy Sheriffs James VanConant and Orrin Burgett
arrived at the scene less than six minutes after
the operator called the Sheriff's Department.
"You could smell burning flesh when you entered the
house," VanConant said.
Brennan and his son told the officers their attackers
pushed them into the bathroom of the six-room
farmhouse after they had taken the money.

They said sheets and bedding were put around them on
the floor and the men poured them on the floor and
the men poured some type of flammable liquid
over them.

One of the men tossed a lighted match into the sheets,
closed the bathroom door and ran from the home.

Brennan said he and his son managed to get the rope
and cord off their feet and stamped out the fire
with their feet and hands, which were free of the
handcuffs. They forced open the door and stumbled
to the telephone.

"My dad thought it was a joke at first. He even
tried to brush the gun aside from the man at the
door, but I told him not to," Casey said.
Every room in the house, except the kitchen, was
ransacked as the robbers searched the house
for money.

Neighbors of the Brennan's heard nothing,
deputies said.

However, VanConant and Burgett said there were
footsteps leading from the Brennan home through
freshly fallen snow for about a block to an
area where a car had been parked.

The Brennan's were described by their neighbors as
quiet people who "bothered no one."
Neighbors said the Brennans had few visitors
Brennan's wife, Mrs. Alice Brennan, was killed in
a car accident two years ago in Ohio. "