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Letters to heaven Another turn back the pages of time day honey.I lay here thinking back again in mine and ur earliest of times together.We packed up a boiler couple of forks/spoons/ knife / plates in our old car headed up that Ole steep rocky Mountain road in Arkansas (Fort Smith) looking for work no money to get motel or anything packed up few can goods .We didn't even have a fishing pole we found on the bank of the river deep back in the woods were we slept in the car bathed in that cold river water literally scrubbed clothes by hand and hung them in trees to dry .But I scrapped in the leaves and looked under rocks found few worms we could see the little brim swimming we was proud somebody had lost that fishing string with a hook on it we baited up wrapped that string around the finger and waited .It didn't take long we had caught a nice little mess of brim none over about 2 to 3 inches long .We had no grease so we boiled them little suckers in river water oh how delicious they were we sat around full and happy that night listening to all kinds of animals by that river bank holding hands looking up at the pretty stars in the sky that shined so bright just talking bout finding a job getting settled .No mosquitos just the sound of animals in the distance and the cool night air and beautiful sky and EACH OTHER.We slept in that Ole car what a cozy little tiny home huh honey? We loved each other and was determined to work together thru good and tough times.When I close my eyes think back and just be quiet I can hear the sounds of that night feel the breeze see the stars taste the little unseasoned boiled baby brim feel the sweet touch of ur hand holding mine Honey I hope I never loose memor for the memories of our lives we shared are priceless .Today u walk by the river of life just enjoy it wait on me I'll be there when the Lord calls me home and we will hold hands forever more.Love and miss you honey cheap maid of honor dresses