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I would like to add my voice to the cry of most Zambian Musicians. I want to believe that the music industry is one of the lucrative industries world over. However, in African countries, Zambia especially, the industry has been limping for quite a while. The problem is threefold.

Firstly, the government doesn't seem to recognize the industry so much except during campaigns when a few musicians are used to divide the nation, actually. I am certain musicians themselves know what the government ought to do for them to be elevated and for the industry to be as meaningful as in Nigeria, South Africa and many other countries.

The second problem that I have noticed with great displeasure is that a majority of Zambian Musicians do not have managers. It is this lack of managers that has made a lot of them remain stagnant for so many years. Some Zambian musicians have been in the industry longer than Davido, Wizkid, Kendrick Lemar, P. Square, Casper, Sakordier, Yemi Alade and Fally Ipupa among others yet they can't by any chance measure up to any of the named in terms of popularity within Africa and World Wide. Without a manager it is very difficult to manage yourself as an artiste and that in itself compromises the nature of contracts a musician will get in and also how a particular musician will market him/herself.

For many Zambian musicians they look at being in the game as a personal hustle. They want to do nearly everything by themselves and invariably keep the money to themselves. While that sounds good the effect is that they subject themselves to abuse by those who need their services and those whose services they need. Donald Muma will attest to the fact that a Musician is more expensive and of quality when he/has a manager. A manager will market you, determine the minimum audience before which you can perform, and also determine the minimum cash you can get from each show. But due to lack of managers we have seen a situation where musicians fail to put up a very good advertisement...mostly it will be a simple banner hanged at the roundabout while when Wizkid is coming all electronic billboards will advertise him and these guys end up insulting our country. A fortnight ago I read a post on various blogs where a fellow African DJ or Musician who came to take part of a certain event, didn't actually want to rub shoulders with Zambian Artistes. The article said "he ordered the guards to stop Zambian musicians from getting near him for want of selfies". UcenterDress what garment to buy for that won't cost much in white color

In Zambia today, it is possible for a Musician to perform before an audience made up of 150 fans whom he [himself] sold the tickets to on the streets at K100.00 each. However, the proceeds of such events are nothing more than a mere pittance as the huge part of it is also spent on organizing the event. It is common too that a Zambian Musician will be used for an advert which will run over for so many months or even years but at a once off little amount....much more to the benefit of the other party.

The last problem is that there are no private individuals investing in the industry. Nowadays, a lot of producers are musicians themselves. I would personally love to see individuals who are not musicians invest in the industry by establishing studios - record labels to which musicians can subscribe. I am aware that even in the West Musicians own studios but obviously the standard is very different from what we have here.

The rest of us shall we help our music industry by purchasing the songs online or CDs from legit places.

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