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In the hospital again, and im worried sick. Im so stessed that i won't sleep, i can't sleep.... its the worst feeling in the world seeing the one that you hold dearest to yourself laying on a hospital bed so sick, in so much pain yet you can't do amything for them. Its kills me inside knowing that she is in so much pain that she cant even bear to even talk to me cause it hurts so bad..... its rough guys, it really is. I can barely stand to see you like this, i cant eat, i can't sleep, i cant do anything but feel aweful because i cant do anything .... i hate this, but i have to be strong, i have to bury it deep down inside because you need me..... your my world and my everything, and i will do everything i absolutely can to help you feel better, to comfort you, because as much as we both hate this... we cant change any of it. I love you so so much babygirl, you are going to be okay, we will make it through this.... we can do this. I wont give up on you, i just simply can't... i love you babygirl, i really hope you start to get better soon... UcenterDress vintage inspired wedding items in short length