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There major things bring Misogyny;Genetic deformations,Psycho-abuse and Pear influence;
Misogyny is hate of women, How dose it come about?
Genetic deformation; it is the first road to homosexual life. Many gay victims blame God that he the way they were created by God. Most of them are even ready to give their for for stand off..
GENETIC DEFORMATION. If genes motitate in more percentage the opposite way in the uterus, Homophobic is the result. There can be errors in anything that happens in our life;
Any error can be corrected by through prayers and doctors after birth.Error against the will of God can not be referenced as the will of God. Even any other inherited condition from the family. To blame God in every thing he does to us, is the device is the schemes of the devil, He is author of all confussion that happens to us.
I once cancelled a lady who had no feminine hormones ,and here God had given her a white fiancee. She had no sexual hormones,no boops,and even no menstruation ability. She was a young lady and thus monopole was out of question.
The first counsel was her her not give herself to the man sxually untill we go through with the counselling and they wed. 2nd was to keep her problem away from the fiancee knowledge.
3rd was to complete the treatment given by by the Hormonal doctor i had to refer her to.The 4th was to see me weekly for monitoring the progress of their relationship with the fiancee and the doctors treatment effects.
4th was to press the fiancee for them to mary in Tanzania for she had also problems with status.
Now they are happily married and good supporters of our ministry. Any genetic deformation can be corrected via prayers and doctors treatments.
PSYCHO ABUSE; children who grow with no paternal love, because may be the mum married got boyfriend who abuse them, are subject homophobic influence. The mostly seek it in their late teens from wrong victimizer. The victimizer alway are gown up people who act like their fathers and mostly giving love they missed at childhood. Mostly they homosexual or respians.
The other way round, when a mom become too hush to the female child, The victim child come to loose faith in feminine love. Mom is always at the centre of love with a girl, She learn how to treat men from mom by the way moms treat the husband. That is way sometimes you see, if the mom is domineering and controlling the husband, the daughter will also become the same."we say the children of abusers always turns to be abusers.

If the daughter don't get enough love from mom, it easy for her to fall in into wrong people such as the boyfriend to the, if he is nice to her,.If the mum and the boyfriend or step-dad dont give love to the girl, it can be more worse. She can be subject to a respianship, She luch the the roll model..
Life cycle according to Dalebouy book,says; from 1st years to the age of 5 love is always to the mom.
From age of 6 to 9 years love goes to the the opposite sex parent
From age 10 years, to the age of 15, love goes to the a boyfriend. Sexual Hormones growth influence play a great influence.
It is also called the age of conflict with the parents for children want to be treated like grown up and yet they behave like kids. They don't know to put line between mutuality and imatuality. They don't know how control their sex life to avoid many risk.Thus many become pregnant and become school dropout.
This is where moms counselling is highly needed. If parent become hush, the situation deteriorate.I one asked one of my client, how right she was at the daughters age?. She started crying. She told me she became pregnant of the daughter at the age. The girl got educated up to University level and got a good job with UN She has now bought the mum a very good house.
If a child does not change to this profile, Daleboy and Freud the founder of Psychoanalysis therapy, they agree the teenage become static. Freud call it fixated. The taeanage can become respians. They will need repainting counselling in adulthood to correct the situation. That is why you see fixated adults, behaving like kids such as skirting skate-boards on streets children.

PEAR INFLUENCE; There is lot of gay recruiting nowadays by pears on how one can be recruited to be a gay.. They use statements like; asking the young man why don' you have bears like other boys? Why don't have boops like other girls? Why your fingers are soft soft like that of lady?.Why do look so beautiful like a woman? Why do you have soft hands/body like that of a woman? "God did not create you like a woman", "you belong to gay community". UcenterDress one shoulder asymmetrical wedding selections
If the teanage get convinced by these statemental questions, his cognition change to who or she is. I once counseled a young man who was bombarded with such questions. He become confused and came to me for counselling.

The first question from him was. Do you think i am a gay? I asked him why have you asked me that question? He narrated how his friends bombarded him with those statesmetal questions.
If he did not come to me, that boy could have been swept away to gay community. I thank God i became a great help to him. I Psycho-educated him on the above. He started to thing straight like strait man. He corrected his