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Sad that as far as we have come this is an issue. The breakdown of traditional family values is the leading cause of this. The porn industry with its billions upon billions made accessible with the click of a button doesn't help. Porn stars and slutty women being put above decent women as something to be desired doesn't help either. Trash and being foul is common practice on most if not all tv shows. Also the attitude that it's "okay" as long as a few freaks think it is. The addition of 20 genders and basically abandoning most if not all of the core values America was founded on doesn't help either. Can't go anywhere without seeing half naked women being put on display to sell sex doesn't help either. We have been doing this thing called life a long time and are slowly falling backwards. Also the 100 female teachers this year caught in sex scandals with children doesn't help. If I catch you being a creeper or rude around any women you will feel as bad if not worse as you may have made them. All men should do this. And if you don't you are a bitch and need your ass whooped. So many women want to be wanted but by the right person. I hear dude's always saying what they would do with "that" with the confidence because they want it they should get it. That's not how it works. Money and fame has turned more women into whores than anything else. Then years later when they can't find anyone who wants someone who is for sale they are all of a sudden a victim. I call bullshit on that. We as men need to do a better job but it goes both ways. Gentlemen have none of these issues. Because we cherish and respect women as the wonderful creatures they are. Also sites like tinder and 20 other hook up apps doesn't help with women being respected as they once where. Everyone needs to do there part in getting this way of nasty and vulgar thinking with actions under control. If she isn't yours don't do or say anything like she is. And if she acts like she is for sale then she gets treated as such. Don't want to be called a perv don't be a perv. Don't want to be deemed easy or a slut. Don't be easy and act like a slut. Pretty simple but everything is so much harder than it has to be because of the things I mentioned before. There are a certain set of rules that successful people apply and are fine. Doing bare minimum but expecting 100% great return is not how it works. Good day everyone.. UcenterDress mother of the bride wears in coral