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Common Questions I That we get from clients

1. "Anong gamit mong makeup? MAC ba?"

- Many people think that MAC is the best cosmetic brand in the market today. Unquestionably, it's well-known. I won't argue with those who think that - as some of my clients say that MAC's foundation is the only kind that works well on them. I actually own a few products from the brand as well. But as a makeup artist, I try to look for the best makeup products and tools that different brands have to offer. I want to own the best high-quality makeup products for my clients' and my own sake. I want to use makeup that is only safe and suitable to the clients' skin type. For a woman with very sensitive skin, for instance - certain makeup products could damage her skin if the chemicals are too strong, or she could experience an allergic reaction if she has sensitivity to a particular product component. The bottomline is, clients should trust the makeup artist they've hired - along with the products that will be used because we only want the best for you. We know what would work on your skin type. Just make sure that prior to makeup application, any skin condition or hypersensitivity should be informed to the makeup artist. However, product wise, everything I use is high-end and of great quality. Sanitation wise, I assure you that all makeup products and tools are kept sanitized. I always clean and disinfect the applicators. (So ayun, hindi lang MAC ang magandang brand ng makeup. Marami pang iba, mapa-drugstore makeup pa yan. Marami dyan magagandang products kahit mura lang.) UcenterDress items looks sexy to wear with long length

2. "Bakit sa parlor mura lang, ikaw ang mahal mahal, eh, hindi naman kilala."

- If you actually compare professional hair and makeup artists' rates with the parlor / salon prices: the average hair and makeup rates of professional HMUAs range between 2,500-6,000 (sometimes even higher pa nga if the makeup artist is reputable, famous and has been in the industry for a long time), while parlor / salon hair and makeup rates range between 500-2,000. It's cheaper to have your makeup done in a parlor / salon because first off, you have to go to their physical location. Also, it's cheaper because the products and tools they use are not necessary high-end and are normally unchanged or restocked unless finished. Some have even been there since well, ever. Lastly, I've seen brushes in some salons that aren't even cleansed and makeup products that are no longer in condition for application but are still being used. (Nakikita ko 'yon pag nagpapa-hair treatment ako) So it just means that "you get what you pay for". As a professional HMUA, I have to say that please do know that this is our career. We study hair and makeup seriously, we take up hair and makeup courses once in a while to continuously develop our skills, and we constantly purchase and upgrade products every now and then. We don't get these for free. Makeup courses, products and tools are expensive, we all know that.

3. "Pwede bang wala na lang out of town fee, dyan lang naman sa Tagaytay / Batangas."

- My team and I come from different homes / places. OoTF varies depending on the location and is based on mileage. We carry a lot of hair and makeup tools and equipment with us so we need our own vehicle. The OoTF shoulders our transporation. It includes the car itself, driver, gas, and toll gate fees. We commute to and from the committed location to deliver our quality services. The OoTF also covers the time we spend travelling to the location and the time we actually spend there on-site. Tagaytay or Batangas is not just "dyan lang", na para bang isang tumbling lang kailangan gawin. We have to allot time for preparation (more so for early call times - as early as 2 AM!), meeting up with the team, eating, and travelling.

4. "Pwede bang yung retouch hanggang matapos na yung reception, tapos free na lang? Onting powder na lang naman yun diba?"

- This applies to weddings and debuts. Honestly, it's very easy to retouch. We just need tissue paper or oil blotting paper first, then reapply the same shade of powder that's used on the face, add blush and lipstick if needed, spray hydrating mist fairly, and a little hair fixing. Tadaa! That's how you retouch hair and makeup. But take note that the client is not just paying the hair and makeup artists for the touch ups. Hence the client is also paying for the extra time that the artists spend waiting and catering to client needs-- waiting an hour or two for the wedding ceremony to finish, and spending three to four hours to do touch ups during the event's program -- instead of leaving right after the services are rendered.

5. "Baka pwedeng free na lang yung makeup? Light makeup lang naman gagawin sa kanya."

- Light makeup? Yeah, sure. But the makeup artist will still use quite a few products on the client's face. S/he will do skin prep - will cleanse and prepare the skin using makeup remover (if needed), toner, moisturizer, undereye serum, hydrating spray, and primer. Then will proceed to foundation, concealer, powder, blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner, eye mascara, lipstick, setting spray, and even more. So marami pa rin kailangan i-apply sa face kahit light makeup lang. To be asked to do someone else's makeup is an honor. But kindly understand that skills, energy, time, and makeup products are being used that's why even light makeup requires payment.

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