UcenterDress black dress for wedding

Giving away my prom dress if anybody would like it. Could also be worn as a bridesmaid dress. Put more jewelry with it as a prom dress so it looks more elegant. It is a size 6. Navy blue. Would also fit a small 8 as i was an 8 when i wore it. I am 4ft 11 so it is a short dress. Would fit someone from the height of 4ft 9-5ft 1 probably. It has a zip up back, very low on the front shows some cleavage but not too much, and also shows a lot of your back. It has a slight slit in the leg too. Bought for £45 from ASOS as i didnt want to spend so much on a dress to be worn once. Would like it to go to someone who is actually in need of a prom dress and so it can take some pressure off the big day of a family who doesnt have much money. I wore my prom dress with silver and blue jewelry, silver clutch, and silver mid height heels. UcenterDress black dress for wedding